Blue Bell Creameries

is proud to sponsor the 36th Annual Blue Bell Fun Run benefiting Brenham Athletics. As the official sponsor, we decided to provide all of you runners with the greatest reward we could think of. . .all the Blue Bell you can eat at the finish line!

We encourage you to stay a while after the race and visit us, if you’d like. We offer guided plant tours weekdays throughout the year, but we're closed on weekends.  However, the Country Store and Ice Cream Parlor are open most Saturdays, so you can shop around and treat yourself to a big helping of your favorite Blue Bell flavor. In the meantime, here’s a little history about how the best ice cream in the country came about.

A Little History

It was a hot day late in August of 1907 when the Brenham Creamery Company opened its doors. In the beginning we only made butter, but by 1911, we made a gallon or two of ice cream a day. We packed it in a large wooden tub with ice and salt and delivered it by horse and wagon to a few of our friends and neighbors around Brenham. Our ice cream had to be pretty special back then because everybody made their own. Naturally, we used the very best ingredients by buying our milk, cream, eggs, and fruits fresh from the farmers around Brenham. Then we mixed in our secret way of making homemade ice cream.

You know how small towns are given to gossip, so it didn't take long before word got around just how really good our ice cream was. Some folks said we made the best ice cream in these parts, maybe the whole country. The little creamery really began to grow when we traded our horse and wagon for a horseless carriage in the late 1920's. By 1930, we had become Blue Bell Creameries and were on our way.

A lot has changed at Blue Bell Creameries since 1907, but the quality of our ice cream hasn't changed one bit. It's still the best in the country. We know because we eat all we can and sell the rest.