New 10K Course Proposed

We are in the process of certifying a NEW 10K course for the Blue Bell Fun Run. If all goes as planned, we will have the course ready to go for all of you 6.2 enthusiasts by late February or early March. The reasoning behind the change was the merging issues that occurred where the 5K/10K courses come together. We’ve dealt with this for the past few years and know that you have too.

I know several participants like to come to Brenham and run/walk the course in advance, so the goal is to get the course on the website so those that are interested can come try it out. Yes – there are still hills, but the scenery of Brenham and Washington County is amazing, boasting a rural run through the country with everything from Bluebonnets to livestock.

Let us know if you would like to come in some weekend and give the course(s) a try. We have a local running group, Brenham Runners Association, and someone will gladly meet you and show you the routes.

Look forward to seeing all of you on April 11, 2015 for the 37th running of the Blue Bell Fun Run.


Stephen Puckett
Race Director


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